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About Us

I’m Joshua Powell, one of your neighbors here on Lima Lane. My goal is to re-engage our neighborhood association, but not in the typical way of fees or requirements. I think our neighborhood is very important and each one of us matters. This is not your standard HOA!

Instead of attempting to improve property value, our mission is to focus on human value and improve your quality of life — through real human connection, serving, and giving.

Let’s love our neighbor as ourselves — if our neighborhood focuses on looking out for each other, then everyone will be cared for. If you aren’t interested in serving or giving, that’s ok too; we still want to serve and give to you.

Need Help?

Do you need help with anything? Do you know a neighbor is in need of something? Don’t struggle alone.

We can work together to be a neighborhood that supports each other. So please be open and tell us what you need! No request is too great or small. If we can’t take care of it, we can help find someone who can. Here are some example ideas: